About Consumerfed

The Kerala State Co-operatives Consumers’ Federation Ltd is the apex body of the consumer Co-operatives in the state of Kerala. This Apex body was registered on 04/09/1965 and started functioning on 07/10/1965.


  • To make bulk procurement of consumer goods and supply to affiliated and/or other Co-operatives Societies and arrange for proper storage, packing, grading and transport of such goods.
  • To function as agent for the distribution of consumer goods and to import consumer goods whenever necessary.
  • To establish and run manufacturing and processing units for production of consumer goods in collaboration with or directly by itself.
  • To undertake such promotional and technical activities which are conducive for promotion of interests of consumer movement.


Membership of the federation is confined to the 14 District Wholesale Co-operative Consumer Stores and the State Government.  Eleven primary Co-operative Societies are admitted as Associate Members. 99% of the paid up share capital is contributed by the State Government

Share Capital

The position of membership and share capital of Federation as on 31/03/2015 is furnished below.
(Rs. in lakhs)

Type of Member Number Share Capital
District Wholesale Stores 14 64.82
Other Co-operative Societies 11 0.01
State Government 1 5,577.49
Total 26 5,642.32


Management of the Federation is vested with the Board of Directors consisting 18 Members, constituted by one representative each of the 14 District whole sale stores and 3 nominees of the Government and the Managing Director. The 3 nominees of State Government include the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

Administrative Offices

The central administrative (Head office) is at Gandhi Nagar, Ernakulam. There are 11 Regional Offices as shown below.

Regional Offices

  1. Thiruvanthapuram Regional Office
  2. Kollam Regional Office
  3. Pathanamthitta Regional Office
  4. Alappuzha Regional Office
  5. Kottayam Regional Office
  6. Ernakulam Regional Office
  7. Trichur Regional Office
  8. Palakkad Regional Office
  9. Malappuram Regional Office
  10. Kozhikkode Regional Office
  11. Kasargode Regional Office

Business Divisions

Federation has the following business divisions.

  1. “Triveni” Wing
  2. “Neethi Scheme”
  3. “Neethi Medical Scheme”
  4. “Neethi Gas Scheme”
  5. Foreign Liquor Division
  6. “Triveni Notebook” Division
  7. E-Triveni Business Centres

To function the above business divisions Federation at present have the following units.





Regional offices


        2 Zonal Office                     3


Triveni Mega/Little/Super Markets



Mobile Triveni



Floating Triveni






E-Triveni Business Centre



Neethi Medical Ware house



Neethi Medical Stores



Foreign Liquor Shops



Triveni Institute of Pharmacy



Beer Units



Note Book / Computer Stationery Manufacturing Unit



LPG Bottling Plant



Susrusha Hi-Tech Clinical Lab






Sales Turnover

The total Sales Turnover of Federation during 2007-2015 is shown below.
(Rupees in crores)

2007-08 591.22
2008-09 737.58
2009-10 1,015.99
2010-11 1,213.92
2011-12 1,333.09
2012-13 1,688.97
2013-14 1,496.95
2014-15 1,572.25
2015-16 1,720.85

Functions of business divisions are briefly given below.

Triveni Super Markets/Mega Marts/Little Triveni / Mini Triveni Super Stores

The Kerala State Co-operative Consumers’ Federation was established with main objective of saving the public from the exploitation by retail / middleman. We were dealing mainly in the wholesale of Food & Grocery, Cosmetics, Household & Electrical, Textiles etc initially, which have developed to the net work of Triveni Super Markets/Little Triveni Super Stores / Mega Marts /Mobile Triveni Stores/ Floating Triveni Super Stores/Triveni Coffeehouses as on date. We have started Triveni units in every assembly constituencies of the State. Specialties under this wing are the  Mobile Triveni units and Triveni super stores. Presently we are having 229 Trivenies all over Kerala. 

Neethi Scheme

The Neethi Scheme started as per directions of Government of Kerala in 1997 is being successfully implemented through 1000 odd selected Primary Agricultural credit societies in all the districts of Kerala for the distribution of consumer goods at the lowest prices, especially in rural areas. Centralised purchase is being made, as far as possible, from the production centers directly and door delivery of stock is effected to the stores. This scheme has proved to be a boon to millions of rural household of the lower income group. Subsidy sale activities are mainly done under this division.

Neethi Medical Scheme

Federation started the “Neethi Medical Stores” with the assistance of Government of Kerala from 1st November 1998. Under this scheme medicines are made available to the consumers at a price less by 18 to 70% of the MRP. The role of Consumerfed in the scheme mainly is to procure and distribute medicines on wholesale basis as per the requirement of the Neethi Medical stores. For this we have set up 6 Neethi Medical Warehouses. At present there are 94 Neethi Medical Stores directly run by Federation in addition to the 600 odd stores run Primary Co-operative Societies. We have proposals to start Neethi Medical store in every panchayath.

LPG Distribution

During the year 1998 when there was acute shortage for Cooking Gas, Consumerfed, at the instance of Government of Kerala had decided to venture into the field of distribution of LPG by releasing LPG connections to consumers through Neethi Stores. As we were not had our own gas filling plant and organizational set up for the distribution of LPG at that time, we have started the distribution by sourcing LPG cylinders from two parallel private marketers, under agreement executed.
Later on we have purchased a LPG Bottling Plant in Palakkad and supply of LPG began from there in May 2000. LPG of high quality is being distributed to more than 60,000 consumers at present, under the brand name ‘Neethi Gas’. “Suneethi Gas” launched in 2007 is being attracted by the consumers. Now we are undertaking the refilling for BPL on commission basis.

Foreign Liquor Business

During the year 2001-2002 due to the change in liquor policy of Government, Federation has ventured in the field of Foreign Liquor business. Due to the high rate of Kisth (License Fee payable to Government) and Turn over Tax rate, when compared with the trade margin permitted by Government, this business has resulted in heavy loss from the 1st year itself. The accumulated loss up to 31/03/2006 was Rs. 23.97 crores. From 2006-07 onwards we have introduced radical changes in purchase policy and matters related to foreign liquor business which gave positive results. During the last 7 years this business is working in profit. At present we have 40 Foreign liquor shops and three beer shops. The sale turnover of Beverages Division during 2014-2015 was Rs.1067.64 crores.

‘Triveni Notebooks’

We have started the manufacture and sale of Notebooks in the brand name of Triveni’ engaging the skilled workers of Kunnamkulam, a rural area in Trichur District of Kerala, under our direct supervision and control. These notebooks are of high demand among the students community.  We have our own godown at Kunnamkulam, constructed with the financial assistance of NCDC for the storage and distribution of Triveni notebook. The quality and price structure of these notebooks is incomparable with other brands available in the market. At the school opening seasons we conduct school markets in important centers to cater the needs of the students.

Computer Stationery Business

In June 2005 we have commissioned our computer stationery unit at Kunnamkulam along with the notebook unit. All types of computer pre printed and other stationery items required for Co-operatives and Government Departments are sold here.

E-Triveni Business Centres.

We have a separate unit for the sale of office stationery items at the head office premises and also in Trivandrum and Kollam Requirements of Government and other offices are met from here. We also deal in other students requirements in this unit.

On getting the entire units under networking we are given the honour of “E-Consumerfed” by the Government, the 1st co-operative federation in the State to get such a status. Hardware maintenance is done by experts in Consumerfed replacing AMC with outside agencies. IT Division has developed their own software consisting of inventory and accounts "Bee-Bee". This Bee Bee is used for accounting in all units of Consumerfed. E-Tendering has been introduced in Consumerfed.

Subsidy Sale of essential commodities
As part of the Market Intervention operations of Government Consumerfed use to conduct subsidy sale of essential commodities during all major festival seasons of Kerala. During the last 8 years we have conducted 102348 special markets for a total period of 821 days through which essential commodities costing 1,566 crores were sold allowing subsidy of 761 crores. It is estimated that around 50 lakhs families have enjoyed the benefit subsidy through this activity. Out of the subsidy above claims submitted by us to Government leaving a balance of Rs 320.23 crores in this account.

Consumerfed's new step in medical service field is "SUSHRUSHA HI-TECH CLINICAL LABORATORY" (including scanning, X-ray) which focus to stop the exploitation in medical field and low cost diagnosis. First laboratories have been started at Alapuzha( Kayamkulam),

Position of Govt assistances/Financial position as on 31/03/2015

Govt Share Rs. 5,577.49 lakhs
Govt Loan Rs. 8,471.05 lakhs

Profit/Loss  Statement of Consumerfed for the last years.

(Rupees in Lakhs)



For the Year

Accumulated Loss





































2014-15         (-)         5,787.27                 41,811.01


2015-16         (-)         2,910.29                44,721.29



Audit of the Federation is conducted by Co-operative Department officers. Currently concurrent auditing for the financial year 2012-2013 is going on.

Even though we have so many financial constrains, we have set apart funds for consolidating the foundation of the organization by acquiring fixed assets at different parts of the State and constructing offices and godowns of own. To mention a few:

  1. Purchased 40 cents of land from Kollam District Wholesale stores at Kollam.
  2. Purchased 28 cents of land at Alappuzha and constructed the Triveni Tower, a 4 storied building.
  3. Purchased 10.79 cents of land and building there upon from Alappuzha District Wholesale stores at Alappuzha.
  4. Purchased 2 acres of land with 4 storied building there upon from Priyadarsini Co-operative Hospital Society at Kechery, Trichur where the Triveni Institute of Pharmacy is functioning.

Triveni Institute of Pharmacy at Kechery, Trichur District, where Diploma in Pharmacy course  has been started. For more details please visit www.tip.consumerfed.net

In Brief

Federation is successfully working to achieve its object of market intervention through its net work of more than 1300 numbers of retail outlets. Supply of Goods to 1,000 odd Neethi Stores and about 1500 Nanma stores run by primary Co-operative Societies, mostly situated at rural areas is done from our Neethi Scheme. The services rendered by Consumerfed through the distribution of medicine at comparatively low price provide great relief to the low income group patients to a great extent. We are running 94 own Neethi Medical Stores. So also Neethi Gas, Triveni Note books, Triveni Hurry Curry powder, products of Consumerfed, are well accepted by the consumers. The in-takers of unadulterated foreign liquor sold the 36 FLI shops of Consumerfed are on the increase year after year.


Since inception Federation has evolved to be an integral part of every sections of the community in Kerala for satisfying their daily requirement of necessary articles. Today we play a vital role in Kerala’s consumer market by our effective intervention in the market and supply a wide range of multiple consumer products of day to day requirements to the consumers at their highest satisfaction, through the net work of nearly 1300 own  units and more than  3,000 other units controlled by us.

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